About us

Mothering Justice is a statewide project dedicated to returning decision making power to the ones affected by these decisions the most.

By empowering mothers to influence policy on behalf of themselves and their families, Mothering Justice hopes to change the future of families in Michigan for the better.

Through advocacy, leadership development, voter empowerment, and promoting family-friendly advocacy, Mothering Justice will  raise the voices of mothers  and help them become policy makers and shapers.

Join us in our current campaign, the MI Time to Care petition drive. Our goal is to ensure families that work have an opportunity to stay well.  No parent should have to choose between the job they need and the children they love. Sign up is simple and only takes a moment.

  • Events: Past, Present & Future

    Save Safety Net Dinner

    Tuesday, December 19th

    Mothering Justice, MOSES and MI United will be hosting an event for our MI Safety Net Coalition.  This dinner will bring together members, organizers and elected officials as we promote the saving of Safety Net programs.  The main event will be a round-table decision were speakers share their stories about…

  • Events: Past, Present & Future

    Child Care Policy Dinner

    Friday, December 1st

    Mothering Justice will be hosting a dinner with elected officials, partners and members.  We'll discuss the different child care options that our Director of Policy, Eboni Taylor, has compiled.  A presentation and vote on which policy makes the most sense for our mom members, will commence.  A light dinner will…

  • Events: Past, Present & Future

    BAAFN Event: Detroit ’67 Exhibit

    Monday, November 20th

    For more than two years, the Detroit Historical Society has convened diverse groups and communities around the effects of a historic crisis with its Detroit 67: Looking Back to Move Forward project. From the hundreds of oral histories in our archive, the assistance and input of our many partners, and…


  • Eliminate Wage Theft

    It’s the core concept of employment, and it’s simple: go to work, put in the hours, and get paid the promised wage. But for many of workers around the United States, this basic premise is…

  • Affordable Child Care

    Again and again, when asked what is the most important issue affecting financial stability, mothers talk about the cost of child care. For middle income families full time childcare is unaffordable. Mothers are under great…

  • Increase the Minimum Wage

    When you work hard in Michigan you should be able to pay the bills, care for your children and family members, and share in the benefits of economic growth. The minimum wage was is intended…

  • Paid Sick Days

    When workers clock in sick, they risk spreading illness to their co-workers and their customers and, when parents aren't able to take their children to the doctor, they put the health of other children and…

  • Family Medical Leave Insurance

    Family Medical Leave Insurance (FMLI) enables workers to continue to provide for their loved ones during these rare events in a career. It is job-protected, paid leave that can be used by an employee if…

  • State Budget Project

    The priorities of politicians in Lansing are out-of-touch with the needs of Michigan’s families. We need to stay focused on our family’s and state’s future by investing in high quality schools that prepare today’s students…


Being a member of Mothering Justice means you are with us as we fight for you and your family. Our issue campaigns are about you so let us know what is important to you. Together we can be the change we seek.