Danielle Atkinson, Founding Director

Danielle Atkinson is the founding director of Mothering Justice, a statewide organization working to improve the lives of Michigan families by equipping the next generation of mother activists. Atkinson has extensive experience as a church-based, electoral, and community organizer. She has worked with such organizations as America Votes, State Voices, Population Connection and ACORN.
In 2012, Atkinson founded Mothering Justice, a leadership development and advocacy organization. To date, Mothering Justice has trained more than 300 women, reached more than 50,000 mothers in voter engagement efforts, led Mama Conversations around Michigan, and drafted the Mamas’ Agenda, a policy priority plan addressing financial stability issues of mothers in Michigan. Atkinson help lead organizing efforts to raise the minimum wage in both Florida and Michigan. Mothering Justice also led the fight to get earned paid sick time in Michigan. Her work organizing mothers won her the 2013 Michigan Organizer of the Year Award.
Atkinson received bachelor’s degrees in political science and sociology from Pfeiffer University and lives in Royal Oak, Michigan, with her husband Frank and their six children.

Eboni Taylor, Deputy Director

Eboni Taylor is the Deputy Director of Mothering Justice. In this position, Eboni manages the Mamas’ agenda, acts as chief of staff and co-creates Mothering Justice’s strategic plan. Prior to this position, Eboni co-wrote the Economic Justice Alliance of Michigan’s 2017-18 Public Policy Manual and worked as a public policy fellow at the Skillman Foundation in Detroit, where she managed special public policy projects affecting neighborhoods and children. Eboni has her B.A. and M.P.P. from the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor. She serves on the board of directors for the Mary Turner Center for Advocacy and the Eastside Community Network. Mrs. Taylor is also a Community Change Power50 fellow. She lives in Detroit with her supportive husband and precious sons.

Nicole Banks, Office Manager

Nicole the owner of WhitlowBanks LLC, she offers her expertise in administrative support services. She has an extensive background in administrative services, technical writing and corporate training. Nicole is a native of Detroit, MI.Nicole advocates in her community through volunteering her time with organizations. She has volunteered with Detroit People’s Platform, Restaurant Opportunities Centers of Michigan, Detroit Parent Network, MOSES, The Community Church of Christ and others.

Alexis Sims, Director of Communication

Alexis Bragg is the Director of Communications at Mothering Justice. In this position, Alexis works to ensure that Mothering Justice is viewed as the primary source, disseminator, and conduit of information within this diverse network and member base.  Prior to this position, Alexis worked in marketing for startup businesses and technology companies. Alexis has her B.A. from Michigan State University. She serves in the Yorkshire Woods community on Detroit’s eastside.

Helen Foster, Childcare Co-Director of Mothering Justice

As Co-Director, Helen provides childcare for Mothering Justice staff as well as managing the childcare space, curriculum and staffing. She is passionate about providing support for radical families and helping raise the next generation of change makers. Helen is a Detroit native and graduated from the University of Michigan- Ann Arbor with a B.A. in Psychology. Prior to her position with Mothering Justice she worked in residential foster care, as well as foster care case management. In addition to childcare, Helen is a member of BYP100’s Detroit chapter and foster’s dogs for Detroit Animal Care and Control.

Elaishia Outley, Communication Organizer

Elaishia Outley is a freelance Communications and Public Relations Consultant who works with Mothering Justice in order to promote and increase their brand awareness within their community and nationwide.  Elaishia believes that only through open and honest communication people can begin to truly understand one another and work to resolve issues whether they are personal or business. Elaishia has landed coverage in several print and broadcast outlets including, Fox 2 News, NowThis Media,  and C and G News. Her personal works have been featured in Huffington Post, AFPD magazine, and Detroit Metro Times. In addition to her PR experience, Elaishia dedicates her time to learning videography, web design, and graphic design.Elaishia holds a BA in Public Relations from Wayne State University.

Nkenge Browner, Director of Organizing

As organizing director, Nkenge coordinates community conversations with mothers ofcolor to understand what the community needs are, using their life experience to determine what we ask of legislators.  Nkenge has an extensive background in community organizing. She served as fundraising chair for Black Live Matter Detroit. She co-organizes a national community baby shower that specifically
Serves black mothers. Before coming to Mothering Justice, Nkenge was employed as a prevention specialist for Intimate Partner Violence and advocated for trafficking survivors who experienced homelessness in Detroit. Nkenge believes that being a black woman is a political experience within itself and organizing mothers of color will create the equitable society activist dream of.

Tyler Hayes, Political Organizer

Tyler manages our Canvass Team and works with our Political Director to ensure we connect our mama’s with the nations political agenda. Tyler received her B.A. in Political Science and is a Certified Nonprofit Professional from Western Michigan University in 2017. Tyler loves working with the community to improve the homeless rate of mothers with children. She’s also passionate about educating millennials about the political world with her podcast. Tyler is excited to be apart of Mothering Justice staff and looks forward to all the great work that will be done. “

Oriana Powell, Childcare Organizer

Oriana works with moms of color, childcare providers and allies in the community to advocate polices that work for all of Michigans families and promote the economic advancement of women. She is a proud native Detroiter living in Southwest with her daughter, nieces and nephew. She has previously organized around longterm care support for elders and people living with disabilities. She is very active in early education and worker rights movements. She uses her expertise as a Black Mama to take leadership in her community and fight for the liberation of all Black People.

Sharon Brewton, Accountant

Sharon Brewton received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting in 1982 from Wayne State University. Upon graduation my first professional position was Internal Bank Auditor for First of America, my tenure lasted ten years. Sharon subsequently worked for Gregory Terrell, CPA, periodically, over a period of twenty years performing audits of non -profits and governmental agencies. This experience motivated me to desire a career in the non-profit area. She have extensive managerial experience in governmental and non- profit organizations. Sharon then moved on to work grassroot civic engagement non profit State Voices, because of my passion for progressive civic engagement. She received my MBA in Public Administration in 2011, which my determination motivated me to complete, better late than never. Sharon is currently enjoying semi-retirement which is the best of both worlds for me. It allows me to take care of my grandson and enjoy singing in a national gospel choir and my church choir. Her part time position as an Accountant, for Mothering Justice, continues to fuel my passion for social justice and civic engagement and work with a young, enthusiastic, gifted group of women.

Danielle Slaughter, Fellowship Facilitator – Movement Fellowship

Danielle is a Doctoral student (on hiatus) in the Rhetoric and Composition program at Georgia State University. She has a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in English from the University of Michigan – Ann Arbor and Georgia State, respectively. She is a Detroit native currently residing in Atlanta with her husband, two sons, and their pet turtle.
Danielle is passionate about the intersections of parenting and social justice. She shares her experiences navigating motherhood while finding her place in the academy on her website, Mamademics. Mamademics also houses her popular blog series,
Raising an Advocate. In 2016, Danielle branched out and created her first online course, RaA 101: Exposing the Three P’s – Privilege, Prejudice, and Pride. Since then, she’s created a monthly Black History curriculum for children 6 and under, and is currently developing a course on Intersectional Feminism, as well as expanding her Black History curriculum for older children.
Danielle currently serves as the Leadership Development Coordinator for Mothering Justice, where acts as the lead facilitator for Mamas’ University, an online fellowship focused on helping moms of color learn to advocate for their family and themselves.
She has a forthcoming essay, “Academia Didn’t Have a Place For Me, So I Made My Own Academy,” in Independent Scholars of the World, an anthology focusing on scholars who have left the academy. She is also working on a book proposal for a memoir focusing on her childhood and parenting. She is represented by Chalberg &

Sam Jorgenson, Fellowship Coordinator – White Woman School

Sam’s roots are in Chicago. Their upbringing in Black and Puerto Rican neighborhoods gave them an early understanding of white supremacy, the immense harm it causes, and the privileges of life in a white body. They spent time in their 20’s working in harm reduction efforts, on the south & west sides, simultaneously working in childcare. Eventually they earned a teaching certification in Early Childhood Ed. As a teacher in Head Start programs on the south side of the city Sam once again saw Black womxn on the front lines in the fight for economic, racial & environmental justice. After moving to Michigan Sam sought to become involved in liberation work and find ways to support other white folks working towards anti-racism. In 2018 they were a part of the first cohort of Mothering Justices’ white woman school, and canvassed for Earned Paid Sick Time. All the while hoping to become involved long term at Mothering Justice. This year they will be assisting in the facilitation of white woman school. As a queer identifying person with young children Sam deeply recognizes and seeks to embody efforts that lead to the liberation of all people, along with reparations for Black and Indigenous people.

Aisha Wells, Paid Leave Organizer

Aisha organizes with Mama’s of color in the community to understand the Paid Leave issues in the workplace to help pass legislation. Before working at Mothering Justice, Aisha has interned at the NAACP helping with the freedom fund dinner and monthly membership meetings, and has advocated for her special needs son (Alex) since 2006. Aisha plans to start her Master’s in Public Administration with a concentration in Nonprofit Organizational Management in the fall of  2020. Aisha’s passion is to support and advocate for families with special needs children. She believes that the key to life is to follow your passion and purpose and the success will follow!

Nicole Denson, Fellowship Facilitator – Movement Fellowship

Nicole Kqueen Denson is a Mother, Daughter, Sister, Detroit Native, International Activist and Warrior. Nicole Denson was born and raised in Detroit.  After experiencing Sexual Assault on Michigan State University Campus she dedicated her life’s work to other survivors who have experienced trauma. Kqueen is a national expert in providing advocacy services to marginalized communities with a focus on crisis intervention, counseling and advocacy for survivors of human trafficking and other traumas. She honors the work she provided daily for Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office for the aid of the 11,341 unsubmitted “rape kit” survivors in Wayne County, Michigan. In 2017, she organized and led the #MuteRKelly campaign in Detroit. This led to a collaborative Anti-Rape Collective and a signed resolution from Detroit’s City Council to no longer support R.Kelly coming to Detroit. Kqueen defines herself as an unapologetically Black, Queer Womxn. She believes that all survivors of trauma deserve equal rights, respect, dignity, and safety. Kqueen prides herself on being a LGBT advocate centering her “ally” work in particular surrounding the mass killing and discrimination against Transgender Womxn of Color. Her activism has reached the masses via platforms such as HBO, Lifetime and the Washington