Become a Mamavist

Being a member of Mothering Justice means you are with us as we fight for you and your family. Our issue campaigns are about you so let us know what is important to you. Together we can be the change we seek.

As a Mothering Justice Mamavist I believe

  • A mother’s place is where decisions are being made
  • Workplace policies should reflect the needs of  families
  • Families come in all shapes and sizes and look different and they all deserve to be respected and be protected from discrimination
  • Infant and Maternal mortality are an indicator of the health of a community and deserve greater attention in pubic policy decisions


  • Host a mama conversation
  • Engage lawmakers
  • Get more leadership training
  • Speak out on behalf of your communities

Engaged Lawmakers

Mothering Justice works to have face to face meetings with lawmakers around our Mamas’ Agenda issues. We are asking that Mamavist call and email lawmakers about our organizations and help us schedule meetings. We would like to meet with local, statewide and national elected officials around our policy priorities and ask them to work with us on pushing our agenda.

Host a Mama Conversation

Mama conversations are small in house meetings with mothers. At these meetings we talk about our values and discuss how we can change our community for the better.Would you be willing to be on a host a conversion with your friends? Someone from our team would love to talk to you and tell you more about this powerful conversation.

Speak out on behalf of your community

It is very important that we build a support network of mothers that cares about our issues and one of the most important way to do that is get out message in the press. We are looking for moms that have stories about the cost of childcare, lack of leave policies, unfair treatment in the workplace and traumatic birth experiences to be willing to share them. We are also looking for activist on these issues to talk about what needs to be done to create a just society for families.

Get more leadership training

Mama University:The Mama’s University is a 9-month web-based fellowship with mothers who want to be advocates on a variety of issues. We want to help mothers be at decision-making tables on issues like infant mortality leave policy, affordable childcare and quality education.
Movement Fellowship:Everyday decisions are being made about our state. Lawmakers allocate resources based on their priorities, but do they have the same priorities as you? Without everyone paying their fair share, our schools and our communities suffer. We need a new system where everyone pays their fair share and everyone sees the benefits. Investing in strong communities, public safety, infrastructure, and high-quality schools will lead to a better future for all of us in Michigan. The Mothering Justice Movement Fellowship is a 6 months’ program designed to train citizens on how they can be better advocates for families in Michigan. This fellowship is perfect for people with little to no organizing experience who want to learn more about organizing and statewide advocacy work. Fellows will participate in half-day trainings once a month and work in their community between training’s. Work will include (but not be limited to) conducting community meetings, phone banking, collecting stories, training volunteers and canvassing.