How We Make Change



Our Vision For A Country That Works For Every Mother

To have unpaid caregiving conceptualized as work and valued accordingly by society (i.e. included in the census, accounted for in GDP calculations, counted in welfare rights, credited toward social security benefit calculations)

To pursue occupational goals as well as family ones (i.e. availability of good part time jobs, childcare subsidies, workweek reduction/flexibility)

To have training to upgrade or optimize her skills as well as childcare provisions to facilitate utilization of training opportunities.

To have a Mothers Center in every community – comfortable and safe community space

To have safe, affordable childcare options available to any family who needs it

To be entitled to parenting support services

To lead a life free from violence and discrimination

To have more influence/voice in the areas of maternal health, birthing practices, women’s health and research

To be entitled to information about maternal and child development

To have the information about the work of women/mothers who went before us

To value mother knowledge gained from caregiving

To acknowledge the value of maternal experience to the growth & development of the mother

To support the emotional health of pre- and post-postpartum women

Access to adequate health and mental health care before, during and after pregnancy & child birth to
ensure optimal outcomes for infant and maternal health

 Mama’s Out & About


This is a collection of still images from various Mama Conversations, Play-N-Actions, partner events, town halls, summits and marches.  If you can see yourself in these pictures, contact us to set up an one-on-one.  We can discuss how you can get involved.

Take an Action Now

The 2018 Farm Bill, introduced in Congress, includes MASSIVE cuts to food stamps.  If we don’t act fast, as much as $20 BILLION could be slashed from this life-saving program.  Sign your name right now to tell Congress you unilaterally oppose any and all cuts to food stamps.

We often feel policies, laws, and provisions don’t reflect the needs of moms.  One in particular, “Break Time for Nursing Mothers”, concerns working mommy’s. Mothering Justice believes this protection needs to be expanded to include all breastfeeding mamas.  If you agree, please show your support with our “Babies Come First Petition”.  All signatures will be submitted to the U.S. Wage and Hour Division.

Please sign this letter in support of public breastfeeding. It’ll be sent to the City Council President that decided to ban a council member from nursing.  Mothering Justice is a huge advocate for working mamas having their role as a mother respected in the workplace.  One doesn’t have to be separated from the other.