Women’s Convention 2017: A Personal Recap

I’ve been a black female since birth. I have been a mother since I was 16. I have lived in Pontiac, MI for 36 years (moved out 2 1/2 years ago). I know the struggle! That is why I was excited and nervous, when I heard that 1. There was going to be a Women’s Convention and 2. That it was going to be in Detroit.

When I heard it was the same group that did the Women’s March in DC, that is where the nervous feeling came from. The DC march was very white and focused a lot on women’s vaginas. I am very black and focused on quality of life issues like my two black sons being shot for no other reason than they are black males. The fact that my community was taken over by the State of Michigan Emergency Manager and that the votes didn’t count, because our elected officials were stripped of their power for over six years. Because of this, I was not sure if this event was for me. . . But, I went anyway!

The first day, as I walked in, I was in awe. First of all, I had my hands full and two women (one White and one Hispanic) came to my rescue. This is what this convention was about! YAY!!!! I got to the registration and saw women of different races and ages and it felt good. I walked to Social Justice City and saw the different issues, organizations and causes and it felt good.

The event was powerful; enlighting and educational. I was able to re-connect with friends and families in the movement, that I haven’t seen since 45 was elected; because we are all putting out fires. I was able to meet new, awesome women, who don’t live near me, or even in the State of Michigan; but, are going through the same challenges. It was uplifting.

I was aware that majority of the event was white women. That the cost was $295 a person, for the entire weekend. That there may have been some expectations that the women of color would “teach” others. I, as others, are aware that there is room for growth; but, this event is being built on the backs of all women who have held up their significant others, children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews and communities.  And will continue to grow into POWER!  

Tameka Ramsey

Mothering Justice member


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