We’re creating a solution to a long standing issue!

Our Policy Dinner, was a huge success.  We had an awesome turnout on Detroit’s west side.  Mothering Justice brought members, organizers and child care workers together to take the initial step in enacting change.

Our Director of Policy, Eboni Taylor, presented three child care options.  With a lot of research and dedication, she pieced together the best solutions to make child care more affordable for parents and guardians.  She also made sure child care providers would benefit from either package.  This combination would guarantee superiority and accessibility which is almost unattainable for working families.  We asked our participants to listen closely and ask questions to ensure they understand each model thoroughly.  Then, attendants voted on the one policy Mothering Justice would fight to enforce statewide, on their behalf.

We’re excited to have held this event because it’s been a long time in the making.  Mothering Justice tries to accommodate parents by offering free child care at all of our events. But we knew more needed to be done.  We were delighted when Mrs. Taylor decided to come on board and tackle her first project, building a child care policy that would help instead of hinder.

Please stay tuned for future updates as we make plans to advocate on behalf of our members and supporters.  Affordable, quality child care will become a reality if we have anything to do with it.  When mothers band together, we move mountains!

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