We have to do better.

When policy issues are treated as silos instead of interconnected pieces of the same economic puzzle, we fail our people. For example, our state (and businesses) are interested in talent: attracting it from elsewhere, cultivating it through education or professional development and retaining it through a variety of measures. But then we fail to provide the necessary economic adjustments and incentives for people (the talent) that would actually help attract, cultivate and retain talent.

By failing to truly invest in our schools (and their employees) and valuing their professional work, we miss the mark on being able to cultivate competitive talent. By willfully ignoring issues such as pay equity, earned paid sick leave, family leave and ensuring a living wage, we fail the people and their families.

We need to stop this mindset and shift the focus on supporting and driving the policy issues that will move people, families and communities forward so that economic success can also be theirs, and by extension all of ours. By looking at policy issues as interconnected and dependent upon one another, we could remove economic barriers and shape a Michigan where more people and families can thrive.


Representative Erika Geiss

Mothering Justice Member

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