The 2017 Mama’s March was a roaring success!

The theme for this 5th annual Mama’s March was “It’s time to care about mom’s!“.  The day was filled with bonding, recognition, story-telling and networking. Due to the unexpected passing of Representative John Kivela, the day before, we took a moment to acknowledge his memory. Mothering Justice unveiled their latest mama member shirts and gave one to each attendee.  Mamas were encouraged to take a free moment to visit the story collection area.  This space was set up so women could share their hopes and desires for their families and communities.  Then, they were able to learn the ‘5 steps to a Legislative Drop-in’ and immediately put those tips into practice.  During each drop-in, the elected was greeted by Mothering Justice members and one team captain. They explained the purpose of the Mama’s March and presented a ‘clock card’.  This card listed issues that are apart of the Mama’s Agenda.  At this point, the representative would choose the top two issues, that speak to their legislative endeavors the most.  This was symbolized by drawing an hour hand and minute hand to each topic. They included: elder care, infant and maternal mortality, access to affordable child care, local services, earned paid sick time, workplace issues, women’s issues, eliminating wage theft, quality education, family medical leave insurance, raising minimum wage and equal pay for women. The issues that most officials chose were elder care, access to affordable child care and equal pay for women.  We honored two mothers for their organizing efforts.  We selected a ‘Mama Organizer of the Year’ given to Julia Pulver and ‘Outstanding Member of the Year’ to Chenita Gary.  We want to thank all the mamas, legislators, press, partners and organizers that helped make this March our best. See you next year!

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