Save SNAP Press Tour with MOSES and MI United

On Tuesday, October 24th, the group known as “Michigan Safety Net Coalition” hosted it’s first press tour.  There are three organizations that make up this collaborative: Mothering Justice, MOSES and MI United.  The purpose is to protect and expand key government funded assistance protocols such as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, Medicare and Medicaid in the state of Michigan.

The group decided to tackle the saving of SNAP first because of a recent budget resolution that have been presented on a federal level.  This proposal would carve out millions of dollars from SNAP to offer tax breaks for the wealthy 1% of the national population.  Also, expand strict restrictions around the approval guidelines for receiving food assistance on a state level.  We called on Governor Snyder to address the work requirement along with the asset limit and hopefully make adequate changes so that SNAP is more inclusive of all those in need.

The tour consisted of two media market stops: Detroit and Lansing.  The first press conference was held at Genesis Lutheran Church on Mack and Grand Boulevard.  This event was a platform for SNAP recipients, college students, business owners, organizers and clergy members to share why everyone should have their basic needs met.  Mothering Justices’ member, Amy Goudy, shared her struggles around applying, qualifying and maintaining benefits.  There have been times that she has had to apply for assistance to maintain stability for her family.  While making sure she was able to get food on the table.  She wants elected officials to think of recipients as people and not case numbers.  Read more of her personal journey here.

The second presser was held in the capitol building in Senate Room 405.  This was an opportunity for elected’s to come together with individuals from the Detroit press conference to present an unified front.  A letter was drafted for Governor Snyder with specific asks that those officials signed in support.  We want to thank all those courageous Representatives to came directly from caucus to speak on behalf of their constituents before adding their names to that powerful letter.  A special thank you goes to our very own members who are elected officials: Representative Geiss, Representative Chang, Representative Santana and Representative Garrett.


Sound bites aired on WWJ News Radio from MOSES:



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