Policies That Matter TO YOU: 4/5/18

A Health Teacher, a Medicaid Recipient, and an Insurance Agent

Walk into a Bar…

by Eboni Taylor, Director of Policy & Elaishia Outley, Social Media Organizer

House Bill No. 5734

Introduced by Curtis Vanderwall on March 20, 2018, co-sponsored by Representatives Cochran, Elder, Wittenberg, Scott, Lasinski, Sabo, Dianda, Robinson, Peterson, Gay-Dagnogo, Yanez, LaGrand, Chang, Hoadley, Love, and the Committee on Education Reform.

Why was this bill introduced?

Due to the #MeToo movement, it seems as if the masses have finally realized that the old “birds and the bees” conversation was missing a few vital steps. Specifically, that consent can be revoked at anytime. This sexual education reform bill will also amend the definition and perimeters around sexual assault, sexual violence, and domestic violence.

What will this change?

Not only does this bill help educate on the perimeters around consensual sex, but this could also lead to change in how authorities, loved ones, witnesses, etc.,  handle victims and sexual allegations. Not to mention this could lead to better care in dealing with trauma, stigma, and psychological effects that people have due to societal standards and pressures.  

Here’s what you can do.

If you want to make sure this bill passes or is amended before being submitted to the House, contact the Education Reform Committee and its members.

Education Reform Committee 

House of Representatives P.O. Box 30014 Lansing, MI 48909

Committee Clerk: Joy Brewer



Senate Bill No. 0897

Introduced by Mike Shirkey on March 8, 2018, co-sponsored senators Pavlov, Hildenbrand, MacGregor, Hune, Emmons, Brandenburg, Colbeck, Proos, Schimdt, Robertson, and the committee on Michigan Competitiveness.

Why was this bill introduced?

This bill is borrowing from the SNAP benefits Work First program, requiring those who receive public health assistance to work a minimum of 29 hours a week in order to qualify. The Department of Health and Human Services is allowed to enforce these regulations through random audits, and only those who are able-bodied are forced to adhere to these rules.

How does this bill impact me?

The problem with this requirement is that if a recipient is having a hard time maintaining the minimum works hours, works part-time,  or as a contractor that works less than 29 hours a week, they will have trouble getting and receiving health insurance.

This is how you can take action.

Contact your local State Senator or the Committee on Michigan Competitiveness and its members so that they know where the voters stand.

Committee on Michigan Competitiveness 

Michigan State Senate

PO Box 30036 Lansing MI 48909

Committee Clerk: Mike Shirkey



House Bill No. 5736

Introduced by Curtis Vanderwall on March 20, 2018, co-sponsored by Representatives VanderWall, Howell, Garcia, McCready, Howrylak, Faris and the Committee of Insurance.

Why was this bill introduced?

Michigan has some of the highest auto insurance rates in the country, so it comes as no surprise that there is a large amount of uninsured drivers on the road. However, some people may catch a break if this new bill is passed, allowing a 90-day reprieve: if a buyer fails to pay their insurance costs, their auto insurer would be unable to raise premium cost, apply a reinstatement fee, or refuse coverage.

Does this mean I can let my insurance lapse?

Absolutely not, pay it as often as you can, but at least drivers will have a little leeway in moments of hard times. Nonetheless, if a car is totally wrecked, driven by someone not included on the insurance policy, or some other unlawful action such as drunk driving is part of the equation, insurers can withhold or neglect policy coverage.

I will reiterate…

There is power in numbers. Representatives won’t know what their voters want until they speak up. So, reach out and contact them through mail, phone, and email to make them listen to your concerns about this bill.

Committee of Insurance

House of Representatives P.O. Box 30014 Lansing, MI 48909

Committee Chair: Lana Theis



Until next week,

Eboni & Elaishia


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