Make the Mama’s March a family affair!

This year’s Mama’s March is coming up on May 10, and it’s a perfect event to share with your children.  Ensuring that we have family friendly activism spaces is a key component to Mothering Justice’s mission. As a mother of three, this is something that is near and dear to my heart.  Last year, I took my son (then in kindergarten) and baby girl (who was less than a year old), and we had a great time.  The other participants readily accepted them into the space and assisted with them throughout the day.  My son was able to meet his State Representative.

Having family friendly activism spaces is important for two reasons.  First, these spaces uplift the voices of mothers, so that they may contribute to shaping a world that works for us and our families.  The reality is that many mothers are not able to participate in meetings with decision makers, take part in public actions, events and trainings if we can’t bring our children. Having spaces where children are welcomed and accommodated—or where child care is offered—is vital to uplifting our voices.

Second, allowing for participation in these events positively impacts our children tremendously.  I want to raise my children with a deep understanding that it is their right and responsibility to speak out, tell their story, advocate for the issues important to them, and stand up for the equal treatment of all people.  To me, a primary way to instill these values is to show my kids different types of activism in action.  That’s why I look for opportunities to include them in my own activism work and civic engagement, such as taking them with me when I vote and including them in family friendly activism events.

So, if you’re looking for a family friendly space to uplift your activism and resistance, look no further than this year’s Mama’s March!

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