Elaishia Outley-New Social Media Fellow

Hello there reader, I’m glad you are reading this blog. My name is Elaishia Outley and I am one of the Social Media Fellows working at Mothering Justice. First, I know you may be questioning why I decided to join such an organization? Well that answer is simple; I was and still am intrigued by Mothering Justice’s mission to encourage, engage, and inform women, not just mothers, but all women to become more active in their communities. Whether that engagement takes form in organizing community organizations, influencing elected officials, forming rallies to bring attention to an injustice or running for government office themselves. Many women  – or people in general – feel helpless and as if they hold no power when it comes to holding elected officials responsible for representing the very ones who voted for them. Especially when those issues affect or pertain to women.  Don’t believe me?  Look at this article written by Jill Filipovic, a corespondent for CNN.

Understanding that although I personally am not a mother, I still can understand why many of the agenda’s set forth by Mothering Justice is important on a fundamental level for everyone. So, I agreed to spreading the message the best way I knew how: by reaching my fellow peers thru our best mode of communication – social media. However, I did not expect that in turn I would become an activist by getting petitions signed, driving to Lansing to promote bills, and finding a group of women who would further expand and share my point of view on social matters that I usually reserve among close friends and family. I was just expecting to stay behind the computer communicating with those interested in Mothering Justice’s events and agendas. Albeit occasionally recording, editing videos and photos to further highlight the various events Mothering Justice attends.

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