Earned Paid Sick Time is Best for Working Mamas

If you’re a mom working outside of the home, you know that there will be times when your kids get sick and will need you to stay home with them.  But did you know that nearly 2 million working Michiganders don’t have any earned paid sick time from their jobs?  Many hardworking mamas have to choose between going without pay (and even risk getting fired from their jobs) or staying home to care for their child when they’re sick.

Take, for example, my sister-in-law, who works as a waitress.  She doesn’t receive any paid sick time off, so if she can’t go to work because her kids are sick, or she’s sick, she’s forced to lose pay for that day. This is the reality for many in our state, and it has a significant impact on the financial sustainability of working families.

It’s time for us to do better.  That’s why I’m supporting earned paid sick for all in our state.  Mothering Justice is a proud member of the Time to Care Coalition, which is leading a ballot initiative to allow all workers to earn paid sick time from their jobs to care for themselves or their loved ones.  Time can also be used by domestic violence and sexual assault survivors and by parents to attend school meetings about their child’s disability or health.  The Earned Paid Sick Time Act would also ensure that workers aren’t punished by employers for taking the time off that they earn.

Earned paid sick time is the right thing to do.  It would provide vital support for working mamas, like my sister-in-law, so that no one will ever again have to choose between caring for their sick children or losing vital money for their families.  But to ensure all Michigan workers have the right to earn paid sick time, we need your help.  Join the fight by volunteering with the Time to Care Coalition!  Together we can support mamas, and all workers, in our state.


Nadia Tonova

Mothering Justice Member

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