Building an Inclusive Reproductive Justice Movement

Our organizer of Ally Relationships, Jenny, talked to the Community UU of Brighton congregation this morning about confronting the systems of power that oppress in reproductive justice spaces and shifting the movement power to those most impacted: women of color and their issues + solutions.

Here are more resources on building a movement that centers compassion and equity.


Restoring Reproductive Health Care Access

Join Accomplice Academy

  • If you’re interested in more civic engagement, Mothering Justice is launching three fellowships as we head into a very important midterm election.
  • For white women interesting in organizing in multi-racial coalitions on issues like reproductive justice, Accomplice Academy will train on following the lead of women of color for co-liberation. We’re collaborating with Confront White Womanhood, Allies for Change, and 482forward to take a deeper look at multi-racial relationship building and issue and strategy training for voter engagement in coalition with women of color.

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