Alexis Bragg-New Social Media Fellow

Very early on I decided that I wanted to own things. I was a natural born leader, and I wasn’t afraid of much. Before millennials were considered problematic and entitled, I was ready to take my plans into my own hands and work for what I wanted.

At the tender age of twelve, I started working for my grandfather’s accounting firm. In seventh grade, I spent every weekend from December to May answering phones, printing tax refunds, and learning every aspect of the business.

Now, I’m here, one-year post undergrad, serious and results oriented. I have my own digital marketing company, and I even founded a network for plus size professionals.  Client projects make up the most of my work. I work at as a creative strategist for a few small businesses in food, technology, beauty and entertainment as well as the built environment industries. I help create relationships and narratives for viewers, supporters, and patrons of their businesses through web design, brand strategy design, photography and film production, and anything else that connects businesses to the communities that they’re a part of.

I decided to work with Mothering Justice because no one in their right mind would not want to join the fight against injustice. I see a great team, a great cause and a gap that I can help fill. In my short time here, I’ve learned so much about problems I didn’t realize Michigan even had. I only hope to learn more and raise more awareness during my time here. I plan to use my current skill set to get Mothering Justice in front of more people and learn about the specific digital needs of advocacy organizations. 

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