We’ve been busy!

We Persisted; Passing Down a Legacy;

Showing Our Support for Working Families;

We Uplifted Women in D.C.


When they go low, we go for higher office.

We were in attendance at the Women’s March held in Lansing on January 21st.
Our Founding Director, Danielle Atkinson, was a keynote speaker.
This rally showed women committed to fighting for a Michigan that
respects and protects all its citizens, that celebrates diversity
and nurtures the human potential in each of us.
These organized events took place all over the country, simultaneously.
This was an unified front against the appointment of a tyrant regime
headed by an intolerant candidate.
Be the change you want to see on another level.
Our latest project, Mama’s University, was announced in February.
It’s a fellowship with mothers who want to be advocates on a variety of issues.
Our goal is to bring together issue experts, seasoned organizers
and policy professionals to train the next generation of mother activists.
We want to help mothers be at decision-making tables on
issues like infant mortality, leave policy, affordable childcare and
quality education.  Our vision is to create a world where
mothers are engaged and are seen as an essential part of building a
society that works for everyone.

Why Paid Leave?

We were at the Earned Paid Sick Time Bill introduction.
We traveled to Lansing on March 1st, to urge
officials to pass this legislation.  The proposal
copies similar bills passed in other states.  The formula
is for every 30 hours worked, an employee would accrue
1 hour of paid time.  This would apply to all workers in Michigan.
One of our mamavist and a MI Lupus Representative, Christina Hayes, was a speaker.
Her participation was crucial because of her compelling personal story.
She was forced to navigate through a medical crisis without adequate support.



We stand in the shadows of the powerful women who came before us.

We were in attendance at the 6th Annual
Black Women’s Roundtable ‘Women of Power National Summit’.
Our members were excited to mingle and coordinate with other women
from all over the nation.  This took place over the span of five days
and began on March 30th.  The tagline was “Invest.Inspire.Unite.Act!”.
This project focused on amplifying the inter-generational
power and voices of black women on race & gender equity,
economic security & prosperity, income inequality, health, economic,
educational and social issues impacting urban centers,
small towns and rural communities.



These were just some of the prominent highlights thus far this year.  

Stay tuned for what we accomplish next!