The dawn of a new dynasty!

The dawn of a new dynasty!

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A MAMAVIST is what we affectionately call our volunteers and activists. We’re currently mentoring fifty mothers from around Michigan to work as ambassadors concerning advocacy and voter engagement. Through this GOTV program our goal is not just to increase voter turnout, but also to increase “down ballot” voting. Studies show that many voters don’t complete their ballots, and often vote ‘NO’ on proposals that they don’t understand. As mothers who are involved in the political process, we see the impact of local and state level policies every day. We also understand the importance of getting everyone to vote and complete their ballots.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Goals For Our Mamavists:
1) Engage Lawmakers: We’ve asked our mama’s to contact lawmakers about our organizations and help us advocate for the issues that make up or Mama’s Agenda.
2) Media Communications: Our moms are also willing to share stories about the cost of childcare, lack of leave policies, unfair treatment in the workplace, and traumatic birth experiences.
3) Phone-A-Friend: Mamavists will reach out to 50 people in their network that they think need to be encouraged to vote this year. They will phone text and mail their network between early October and election day reminding them why it’s so important to vote.

Mamavist Victory Placement Award
Candace Cooper-Detroit
First volunteer to mail back her
​elected officials’ letters.

Register to phone bank: Send an email to express your interest to our Director of Action & Organizing

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