2017 is our year!

Women’s empowerment is a movement that has evolved and transformed since the dawn of its birth.  The belief that once women unit for a common good – mountains can be moved; has even sparked its own slogan ‘girls rock’.  Numerous organizations have sprung to life from this very thought.  At the core of one of these nonprofits is a small collection of women who are not only activists but also mamas, hence their code name ‘mama-vists’.  They’re goal is to bring awareness to and cease policies that further disenfranchise other women and their families.  And their fearless efforts are supported by thousands of mothers from varying backgrounds (elected officials, community organizers, doctors, lawyers, doula’s, educators, entrepreneurs, medical professionals, motivational speakers, authors, SAHM’s, ministerial staff, etc.).  Mothering Justice is at the forefront of a lot of creative and uplifting projects that encourage the progression of female unity.

The Mama’s University is a 9-month web based fellowship with mothers who want to be advocates on a variety of issues.  The outline of this program is to teach skills through various courses: Personal Leadership Development, Communication Skills, Team Building, Women Led Organizing Models, History of the Social Justice Movement, Anti-Racism/ Anti-Oppression Training, Using Social Media to Advance Your Issues and Building a Strong Coalition. Our goal is to bring together issue experts, seasoned organizers and policy professionals to train the next generation of mother activists.

Mothering Justice believes it’s unfair that a mother has to choose between her sick child and her livelihood.  Even more disturbing is when a restaurant employee feels forced to spread flu germs to others in fear of losing their hourly wage. It’s a preventable injustice when these incidents are everyday events for a lot of Michigan families. Mothering Justice has been working around the clock with community activists and elected officials to insure earned paid sick time becomes the norm and not a privilege for working Michiganders. They have decided to relaunch a ballot initiative this summer in hopes of getting community ordinances in support of this effort, passed, after the Michigan gubernational election of 2018.

Many minorities recognized towards the end of 2016, that some major events had them uncertain about the future of this country.  Mothering Justice shared those fears about the overall direction of the nation. More importantly, the impact on the freedoms and the security of themselves, their families, and their neighbors.  As tempting as it was to retreat to their various silos, they chose to transfer that unknowing into a driving force to continue their work. The #NotWithoutMySister campaign is aimed at harnessing a collective strength by bringing together mothers from marginalized communities.  The goal is to share our fears and worries, but also our skills and our hopes.  Mothering Justices’ wish is for women to hear each other’s needs and to experience solidarity at the deepest levels.  While this is a long-term endeavor, it starts with the same way many of our projects begin, with conversations.  With these dialogues, the objective is to bring together all women to refocus their efforts on continuing to build a positive sisterhood coalition.

The work of Mothering Justice is rooted in the belief that under-representation in systems of power drives the inequality we see in our everyday life. We strive through our work to make sure women, more predominantly mothers, are represented when decisions about them and their families are being made.  Our vision is to create a world where mamas are civically engaged and are seen as an essential part of building a society that works for everyone.  ​