2018 Fellowships

Mama’s University: An online fellowship offering a holistic approach to developing women of color leaders to advocate for families.  Women do not lead single-issue lives. Building an activist mother requires addressing all of her relationship issues: her relationship with herself, her family, and most importantly, her relationship with power.

Cost: $50

Complete the application and view program dates.

For questions, please contact Tameka Ramsey:

(e) tameka@tramseyllc.com


Accomplice Academy: Training for white women to follow the lead of women-of-color organizing in the 2018 election and beyond. White women will learn about the historical division between women-of-color and white women organizing, and how we move forward to build successful coalitions for activism and co-liberation. Receiving voter engagement techniques and coaching, fellows will have actionable ways to create meaningful change in their communities. Special guest collaborators include Confront White Womanhood, Allies for Change, and 482 Forward.

Cost: $50

Complete the application and view program dates.

For questions and financial assistance inquiries, please contact Jenny Byer:

(e) jenny@motheringjustice.org



–The MOVEMENT Fellowship is now full–

To learn more and to register for future workshops, please contact Phyllis Jacob:

(e) Phyllis@motheringjustice.org

(p) (248) 808-4443

A 9-month, in-person, paid program designed to train women of color on how they can be better advocates for families in Michigan. This fellowship is perfect for people with little to no organizing experience who want to learn more about organizing and statewide advocacy work.

We are looking for motivated and committed women who are interested in becoming a leader around the State of Michigan Fellows will be expected to attend a once a month, seven (7) hour training in Lansing; and, complete 5 (five) hours of practicum work monthly.

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  1. Roquesha Oneal

    parent education Alliance
    I would love to be part of this justice for mother.

    Reply 8 Mar at 3:29 am

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